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Christmas is around the corner and many girls are still wondering the same question: “What should I get my boyfriend for Christmas. Yes, choosing the right gift is not always easy; in fact in can be very challenging and stressful at times. The following tips will help reduce the stress in finding the right Christmas gift for your boyfriend.

1. Evaluate your current relationship status

This tip seems to be very simple but please don’t think lightly of it: how your current relationship stands will affect your choice for Christmas gift.

·         If you are just start dating: at this state of relationship, it is maybe too early to say he is your other half. Spending too much money on luxurious gifts or something that shows you are too serious about this relationship is definitely not a good idea. Be fun and cool with your gift. Or if you guys just say “I love you” to each other, a sweet and lovely gift is nice.
·         In case you two have been together for at least a year, you know his hobbies so it is time to get your boyfriend things you know he is interested in. And if thing get a little boring after a while, a surprise gift will work well.
·         If you two just move in together, think about something practical and cool that can be used frequently in the house.
·         How about pushing him to pop the question: something that reminds about the journey you two have been through and drops a little hint about the future you want to build with him, like your ring size, perhaps.

2.  Think about his hobbies

In buying gifts for your boyfriend, it is best that you pay attention to what he likes or dislikes. This way, you can narrow down your options and make sure that your gift is appropriate. If he dislikes sappy music, don’t give him a CD full of greatest love songs. Don’t even think about giving him a thick book if he hates reading. Do get him a concert ticket or poster of Queens if that is his favorite band or a pair of new shoes if he likes jogging. 

What if you have no idea what he likes or dislike:

·         Ask him.

Obviously, that is the easy way. Maybe you are worry that it seems too straightforward but it does not mean you don’t care about him sincerely. Give it a try even if he tells you he doesn’t want anything.

·         Ask for help from his friends or family

His friends or family can be very helpful in letting you know what he wants. Or by observing them, you can have a clue. 

·         Go shopping together and observe his reaction

When you go shopping together, maybe you can notice that he has his eyes on some video games or sport gears. Show him some items and see how he reacts. 

·         Deduce from his lifestyle or job

Even if your boyfriend seems to have everything, you can think about stuff he needs in his daily life or in his work. A nice pen for example, if he is a businessman.

3.  Be creative with your gift!

Remember the memories you two share together and buy him gifts that remind him about these moments. You boyfriend is maybe the type that likes random gifts so get him something funny and even a little bit silly for a good laugh.

4. Show him how you care with homemade gifts

If you have a limited budget, making homemade presents is a natural choice. Plus, giving someone homemade gifts means you truly care and dedicate your time for these gifts. Bake him a delicious cake, knit him a scarf, paint him a picture….they can work like charm. Everyone loves personalized gifts.

5. Spend time together

There are times when non-material gifts are the best gifts ever. In fact, the best gift can be you. It is especially true when you have a long-distance relationship or you two are too busy with work and can’t meet up often.

You have plenty of options: Plan a getaway or picnic for a day or two with just you two. Prepare a romantic dinner with foods and drinks that he likes. Have a movie marathon with movie he loves or all-time favorite movie and stay away from movies that are too violent. Have some type of adventure together.
The best gift comes from the heart. Choosing the right gift for your boyfriend is not easy but it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Don’t just grab any gift at the last resort; be sincere and thoughtful and your effort will pay off in the end.